London is probably the most iconic city in England.  Yet, the city is filled with a lot of fascinating hotspots.  In this travel guide, you will discover the top 7 places travelers often go when they visit England.  Stay tuned.

The London Eye
Traveler photo by IIIjigsIII: “Whole view” (Aug 2015)

The London Eye

If you want to have a great view of London, the London Eye is probably your must-go attraction.  Located on the South Bank of the river Thames, the ride will give you an amazing bird-eye 360 degrees view of the city.  In fact, the London Eye is the largest observatory wheel in Europe.  The ride costs about 20 pounds, and it’s a bit cheaper if you book online in advance.  The whole session lasts about 30 minutes.  It is advised to bring your own camera for photos, because the photo-taking service offered by staff will cost more than the ride itself.

Hyde Park in London
Traveler photo by Vadim A: “утки” (Jan 2014)

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is among the biggest parks in London.   It’s also one of the Royal Parks covering an area as much as 350 acres.  There is a lake called Serpentine, where people can go swimming or rowing.  The park is famous for its Speaker’s Corner, a forum of speech and Apsley House, the residence of the first Duke of Wellington.  You can occasionally find people debating hot topics in the forum.  Musical shows are held throughout the year in Hyde Park.  Toilets cost money though; be prepared to bring some coins with you.  All in all a great leisure place for all sorts of activities.

Borough Market
Traveler photo by weekender28: “Lebensmittel und Restaurants” (Apr 2015)

Borough Market

If you love food, you cannot afford to miss Borough Market!  You can find a wide range of fresh produce from international sources.  The market is situated near railway bridges and held against Southwark Cathedral.  You can readily find top notch organic food ranging from fruit and vegetables to olive oil, cheese, jams, etc.  There is also bread, wild beef, freshly caught fish, and Mexican BBQ.  The market is particularly busy during weekends.  Many stalls provide free food samples and you can taste before making purchase.  On the whole, you can smell the pleasant atmosphere unique in Borough Market.

Westminster Abbey
Traveler photo by enzino70: “westminster abbey” (Sep 2011)

Westminster Abbey

To better explore the deep London history, no other destinations will be more relevant than Wesminster Abbey.  The church is segmented into many small areas.  Don’t be turned down by the £20 admission as the visit would deliver more values than you imagine.  The audio guides are available and narrated by Jeremy Irons, which are helpful treats for your journey.  A lot of significant figures are buried here, including Charles Darwin, Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Byron in Poets Corner.  The beautiful medieval Lady Chamber, the tomb of the unknown soldier and the Coronation Chair are among the fascinating treats in display.  A typical tour would easily take 2-3 hours to walkthrough the whole church.  As a note, no photos are allowed.

Big Ben in London
Traveler photo by riccap54: “Big Ben” (Sep 2015)

Big Ben

The journey to London cannot be complete without paying a visit to Big Ben.  Completed in 1859, the Elizabeth Tower is situated at the north end of the Houses of Parliament.  Big Ben is the nickname referring to the Great Bell of the clock.  The architecture is probably the most representative icon for London.  It’s no wonder the place is always crowded with tourists struggling for the best photo shot.

The National Gallery
Traveler photo by FerVallina: “Fachada de la galería nacional” (Jun 2015)

National Gallery (London)

Situated in Trafalgar Square, the National Museum in London is one of the most visited museums in the world, housing more than 2,300 paintings.  Collections can date back from as old as the mid 13th century.  Among the most famous paintings you will meet the Madonna and Child by Leornado Da Vinci, The Entombment by Michaelangelo, Botticelli’s Venus and Mars and The Waterlily Pond by Monet.  However, the museum is so vast that one cannot easily go through the whole place in short time.  You may want to plan ahead and decide the type of exhibits to see.

TripAdvisor: “St.Paul’s Cathedral, London” (Aug 2015)

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is among the most spectacular cathedrals in the world.  Situated by the Ludgate Hill, the Cathedral stands on the highest point in London, serving as an ideal demonstration of British architecture.  The dome, considered the third largest in the world, gracefully decorates the London skyline.  Many tourists climb the stairs in the Dome in order to enjoy the magnificent view of the interior. It’s worthwhile to visit the Whispering gallery and the Golden gallery.  The entrance fee is on the steep side though; the journey will still be proved fruitful.




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