Do you plan to visit Australia?  Sydney is one of the most frequently visited cities in Australia.  And it totally makes sense with the wide array of hot tourist spots.  In this post, we will reveal the top 7 tourist destinations in Australia.

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Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Harbour gives you a spectacular view with bridge and gardens.  A leisure walk will be a rewarding experience.  The area is highly accessible with a lot of traffic options.  There are bars and shops residing in the region.  The Opera House is often occupied by popular shows.  Be sure to reserve a ticket in advance if you are interested in performances.

The Rocks (kwangho1119, Feb 2016)

The Rocks

If you are interested in Australian History, the Rocks will be the place to go.  The buildings have unique background on their own.  It’s best to go with a tour to better understand the historical backgrounds.  The marketplace has souvenirs to offer.  Old buildings are refurbished for modern uses but you can still catch glimpses of early history of Sydney.

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Sydney Ferries

One of the best ways to explore Sydney is to take a ferry.  You can buy Opal card and jump on the ferries to reach different areas of the city.  The card can be used on bus transport too.  Take note of the ferry timetable and keep balance available before you decide to take a ferry.

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Royal Botanic Gardens

When you visit Sydney, don’t forget to take a walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens.  It is a great place for a picnic.  The trees provide sufficient shades to rest.  Be assured that the area is very spacious.  No need to worry about crowds!  The nearby transport is readily accessible, and you can easily get there from Circular Quay.

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Chinese Garden of Friendship

Love gardening?  You would want to plan a walk in the Chinese Garden of Friendship.  The garden is within walking distance from the Darling harbour.  At a small entrance fee (about $6), you would embrace a mixed environment of plants, trees and fish ponds.  Fish feeding is available at certain time of the day.  You can also enjoy Chinese cuisine if you wish.  However, the construction works near the garden may cause a little disturbance.

Traveler photo by David C: “Multi level” (Jan 2016)

Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

Looking for the most fabulous shopping mall?  The Queen Victoria Building (QVB) will be your destination.  The shopping mall is filled with high-end premium outlets which are dazzling from the designs.  Be prepared for a thick wallet before you get there.    The building has unique appeals on its own in terms of architectural design.  There are cafes and restaurants if you feel exhausted from shopping around.

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Sydney Jewish Museum

The Sydney Jewish Museum will give you an unique perspective of Jewish Culture.  One of the most important exhibit is about the Holocaust, recording the horrible happenings during 1930 and the spirits that pass on to future generations.  Participation in guided tours is recommended to better grasp the historical details.  Listening to the stories from the survivors will uncover the hardship that’s often long forgotten by most of us.

Now this concludes the top 7 places to visit in Sydney.  Be sure to plan ahead in order to get the most out of your visits.  Get prepared and enjoy your journey!









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