Often referred as Jo’burg or Jozi, Johannesburg is rapidly evolving into the vibrant heart of South Africa.  After going through almost 20 years of decline and deterioration, Johannesburg is now looking forward into the optimistic future.  Its centre is revitalized and new loft apartments and office construction are on going at a rapid pace.  The hipster-friendly neighbourhood of Maboneng is often referred as one of the most successful urban-renewal projects in the world.  Nevertheless, the wealth discrimination remains grave, and crime and poverty haven’t been uprooted.
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Central Business District_401434792

Johannesburg, South Africa -December21,2013: Johannesburg began as a gold-mining settlement.Today it is a megalopolis. Its Central Business District has most dense collection of skyscrapers in Africa

Modern view of Johannesburg_422631118

Johannesburg, South Africa -December21, 2013: African cities. Johannesburg. The biggest city of South Africa. Financial center of South Africa. Megalopolis. BRICS Countries Modern view of Johannesburg

modern view of Johannesburg_405322216

Johannesburg, South Africa – December 21, 2013: The modern view of Johannesburg, which is the biggest city of South Africa. It is Africa’s economic powerhouse, & a modern and prosperous African city.

civil engineering in Johannesburg_415626280

Johannesburg, South Africa – December 21, 2013: Development of civil engineering in Johannesburg. Modern view of Johannesburg. Braamfontein is a central suburb of Johannesburg in South Africa.

Derelict house. Johannesburg_419535559

Derelict house. Johannesburg, South Africa – December 21, 2013: Some areas of Johannesburg suffer from lack of finances & bad developed residential infrastructure. Housing and construction industry

Johannesburg Megalopolis_413882536

Johannesburg, South Africa -December21,2013: The image shows the modern view of Johannesburg, where is developed public transport & city infrastructure. South African cities. Johannesburg. Megalopolis

jumping gold springboks_387867307

Gold. Mining industry of South Africa. Amazing jumping gold springboks on the background of blue sky and a fountain. Wonderful photo. Johannesburg Gold Reef City. South Africa.- December 21, 2013

ancient mine equipment_405323758

Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, South Africa – December 21, 2013: An ancient mine equipment for digging gold in old times.

Fountain in beautiful Gold Reef City_387867295

Johannesburg, Gold Reef City, South Africa – December 21,2013: Fountain in beautiful Gold Reef City in South Africa. Urban landscape. Best south African travel destinations. Wonderful amusement park.

Johannesburg, Gold Reef City park_405324277

Johannesburg, Gold Reef City, South Africa – December 21, 2013: People are walking and enjoying their holiday in an amusement park.

Gold Reef City. Johannesburg_405324208

Gold Reef City. Johannesburg. South Africa – December 24, 2013: People are enjoying their ride on an attraction. Development of tourism and entertainment area in South Africa.

Whildlife Ranch, Oudtshoorn_397698310

Whildlife Ranch, Oudtshoorn. South Africa – December 31, 2012: People are watching crocodile show in South Africa

casino in Gold Reef City_443859874

Johannesburg, Gold Reef City, South Africa -December 21,2013: Bridge towards famous casino in Gold Reef City & an advertisement sign which offers a winner as a 1st prize 1 Million South African Rands

Centurion next to Johannesburg_413419522

Centurion. South Africa – December 23, 2013: A nice residential area in Centurion next to Johannesburg in South Africa. South African cities.

residential area with a green lawn in South Africa_409294255

Centurion. Gauteng Province. South Africa – December 20, 2013: A nice house and a patio in a residential area with a green lawn in South Africa.

Zebra Lodge, Gauteng Province_423208858

Zebra Lodge, Gauteng Province, South Africa – December 20, 2012: Amazing South African landscape in a park with a beautiful garden and a road from red. Everything for your relaxation. Outdoors

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Johannesburg: A True Tourist’s Paradise
By Aston Morgan

If South Africa is a book then Johannesburg is its most interesting and attention-grabbing chapter. One of the most gorgeous cities around the world, Johannesburg is a red hot tourist spot that enchants and allures most of the travelers who set a foot in this lovely city. A perfect blend of sun, sports and safari, Johannesburg features luxurious hotels, trendy restaurants, swanky bars and scintillating casinos. It is that kind of city that attracts all types of tourists – be it adventure freaks, families, singles or couples.

With the emergence of the city as a true travelers’ paradise, Johannesburg flight tickets are much sought after around the globe. Especially, cheap flights to Johannesburg sell like hot cakes with tourists cramming the place to experience the best of Africa at the most affordable prices. Being such a popular tourist spot, a number of airlines offer flight tickets from Johannesburg to the UK. Some of the carriers that operate from the UK to Johannesburg include Egypt Air, KLM, Air France, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Kenya Airways and South Africa Airways.

Johannesburg is big even among travel agents and number of agents specialize in Johannesburg holidays. Several travel agents in the UK offer attractive holiday packages to the city that cater to different tastes and demands. Holiday packages, incorporating flights to Johannesburg, are so popular among holiday makers because the city features a plethora of interesting and beautiful attractions.

Johannesburg Zoo
Founded in 1904, the Johannesburg Zoo is a glorious testament to the legendary African wildlife. The premier zoo houses more than 2000 animals in its premises. More than the showcasing of animals, the zoo is famous for being a prime center for animal enrichment and husbandry.

Cultural and historical aficionados just dig the city of Johannesburg. The city features an array of museums that depict a host of relics and artefacts that represent different fields and eras. Some of the city’s famous museums include the Mandela Museum and the Bernberg Fashion Museum.

Gold Reef City
Gold Reef City is the place to be in Johannesburg. The place is full of interesting rides and games for kids, as well as myriad of food stalls.

Lesedi Cultural Village
Lesedi Cultural Village is for those who want to experience an enthralling cultural ride. This is a mesmeric tourist attraction that allows travellers to get close with a diverse range of cultures, languages, rituals and cuisines. The Lesedi Cultural Village represents Zulu, Pedi, Basotho, Xhosa and Ndebele cultures.

Constitution Hill
Constitution Hill reflects South Africa’s turbulent yet incredible journey towards being a democracy. Tourists are guided though the magnificent Old Fort Prison Complex that portray the true picture of glorious South Africa struggle. From Nelson Mandela to infamous murderess Daisy de Melker, the Constitution Hill is one story that features many of the South Africa’s colorful and interesting characters. The place also incorporates the Constitutional Court.

Johannesburg Art Gallery
The city of Johannesburg is definitely not short of intellectual yet vibrant attractions. The famous Johannesburg Art Gallery boasts of a splendid collection of famous works by national and international artists. Few of the exhibits that are displayed in Johannesburg Art Gallery date as far back as the 15th century.

Best Time to Visit Johannesburg
Johannesburg is blessed with pleasingly mild climate and the weather remains agreeable for most part of the year as the climate is neither too hot nor too cold. The city remains dry and sunny almost throughout the year. Still, the period between September and April is generally considered as the best time to visit Johannesburg.

Aston Morgan is a travel consultant and adviser for cheap flights and travel package deals from UK. His hobbies are Traveling, Writing, Biking and Snooker. He is interested in writing on traveling and flights to Johannesburg, South Africa, India, USA, Australia, and other global destinations. He is currently associated with http://www.southalltravel.co.uk/. His blog: http://www.astonmorgan.blogspot.com/.

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