Vilnius, being the capital of Lithuania, consists of one of the biggest remaining medieval quarters in Europe.  Listed in UNESCO World Heritage, the old town accommodates almost two thousand medieval, gothic, renaissance, and baroque architecture, all situated around the neo-classical cathedrals and town hall.  Other popular attractions feature the KGB Museum, residing in a former Soviet prison, and the 13th century Higher Castle, which offers a glorious glimpse of the city center. (photos by MNStudio)

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA – AUGUST 11, 2016: The Town Hall Square at the end of the Pilies Street is a traditional centre of trade and events in Vilnius, Lithuania

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA – AUGUST 11, 2016: Narrow streets of the Old Town of Vilnius, one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Northern Europe, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Beautiful outdoor restaurant in Vilnius on beautiful summer day

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA – MARCH 11, 2015: Festive parade as Lithuania marked the 25th anniversary of its independence restoration in Vilnius

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA – AUGUST 11, 2016: The Cathedral Square, main square of the Vilnius Old Town, a key location in city’s public life, situated as it is at the crossing of the city’s main streets.

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA – AUGUST 11, 2016: The Town Hall Square at the end of the Pilies Street is a traditional centre of trade and events in Vilnius, Lithuania

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA – MARCH 4, 2016: Young street musicians performing at Easter fair in Vilnius, Lithuania. Vilnius annual traditional crafts fair is held every March on Old Town streets.

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA – AUGUST 11, 2016: Vilnele river flowing past Uzupis district, a neighborhood in Vilnius, Lithuania, located in Vilnius’ old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Aerial view of Vilnius taken from a tv tower, Lithuania

Beautiful summer panorama of Vilnius old town taken from the Gediminas hill

Beautiful summer panorama of Vilnius old town with colorful hot air balloons in the sky, taken from the Gediminas hill

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Vilnius Lithuania
By Hannah Rollmaker

In the country of Lithuania you will be able to see the city of Vilnius. This city which is the capital of Lithuania can be found in the southeastern part of the country. It is situated at the meeting place of the Rivers Vilnia and Neris. In addition to being the capital city of the country, Vilnius has the distinction of be the capital of the Vilnius County and the seat of the Vilnius city municipality.

You will find that the city of Vilnius is a modern city with a truly cosmopolitan feel to it. While you are staying here you will find plenty of opportunities for to shop, relax in fine recreational centers and cinemas, and dine at restaurants which serve exquisite foods from a number of countries including traditional Lithuanian dishes. You can marvel at how parks and gardens are elegantly interspaced with the buildings which gives Vilnius a modern yet inviting look.

While there are a number of interesting places that you can visit while you are here in Vilnius you might want to head over to the Vilnius Old Town. This part of Vilnius is the historic center of the city. You will find a lot of buildings which have been designed in styles ranging from neoclassic, gothic, and baroque to that of renaissance. The main artery to be found in the Old Town is that of Pilies Street.

Here you will be able to find a number of street markets to explore and cafes where you can quench your thirst or hunger. In 1994 the Vilnius Old Town was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List due to the many buildings found here which have been preserved with the styles they were built in. Of the various buildings you will see while you are in the Old Town you should take the time to visit St. Anne’s Church.

This church is a Roman Catholic Church which has been designed in two distinct styles which enhance and complement the building as a whole. These two styles you will find on this church are the Brick Gothic style and that of the Flamboyant Gothic style. The original church building was made from wood. After it was destroyed in a fire which occurred in 1419, the present incarnation of this church was rebuilt from 1495 to1500. As St. Anne’s Church can be found preserved in all its beauty despite the many changes which have occurred around it, it has helped the Old Vilnius Town to be placed on the World Heritage Site List.

Once you have explored the Old Town to your heart’s content the next place you might want to see is that of Vilnius Castle Complex. Here you will be able to see a number of buildings which have important historical and cultural significance to the city of Vilnius. As you explore this castle complex you will be able to see how the castle and the various buildings found within this complex have helped with defending the city from external forces during the 10th to 18th centuries.

These are just a few of the places that you can visit while you are in Vilnius. For a great holiday where there is something to keep everyone occupied Vilnius is your best choice. The next time you are looking forward to an interesting holiday you should keep this city in mind.

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