Singapore (CNN)In a city filled with gleaming skyscrapers, designer stores and sophisticated travelers, Singapore’s luxury hotels have a lot to live up to.But with rock-star bath tubs, private chefs and service fit for royalty, the Lion City’s most lavish definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Source: Singapore’s 6 most extravagant hotel suites –

Singapore is densely populated country better known for her strong political control over the area.  Despite the small size and political environment, it also features range of attractions, making Singapore one of the most popular travel spots.

If you are interested to visit Singapore, you may want to take some time in choosing the best accommodations.  In fact, the hotel suites in Singapore can vary a lot when it comes to pricing.

In this article from CNN, the author introduces 6 of the most extravagant hotel suites in Singapore.  The elegant decorations could be stunning to many people, costing several thousands per night.  Yet not many of us could afford the luxury.  In fact some of the most prestigious suites are reserved for important persons.

There are several criteria in choosing the best hotel suites.  Other than prices, hotel facilities, traffic convenience and services are some of the big considerations before you make a booking.

It’s worth noting that Singapore is geographically close to Malaysia.  You may want to visit Malaysia on your trip to Singapore to take advantage of both worlds at once.

When you are in Singapore, the mass rapid transit will be one of the better ways to travel around the country.  There are visitor centers in different districts where tourists can obtain travel updates and purchase souvenirs.  To keep connected, tourists can register free wi-fi account and at 3G SG hotspot, and certainly overseas charges will apply.  Pre-paid cards are also available.

Hotel suits may not be the very first thing to consider when traveling.  After all, most of your travel time should be spent outside to explore what the country has to offer!  However, having a comfortable place to rest after whole-day journey will enrich your travel experience.  Don’t ruin your travel experience with inferior accommodations.




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