Singapore is well known as a global financial hub.  Situated near Malaysia, the nation is the world’s only island city-state.  Thanks to the green policy, Singapore is famous for the Singapore Botanic Gardens, being the only tropical gardens to have the prestige as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Tourism is a big part for the nation, attracting over 15 million tourists in 2014.  Casinos were legalized in 2005 with strict rules in licensing to control money laundering and addiction.

Singapore is also positioning itself as a medical tourism center with about 200,000 foreigners looking for medical care annually.  With the stable economy free of political disturbance, Singapore is ranked top and 6th best world travel destination by Lonely Planet and The New York Times respectively.

Merilon Statue at Marina Bay in Singapore with tourists and Singapore Skyline in background_313921250

SINGAPORE, JUL 16 2015 : View of Merilon Statue at Marina Bay in Singapore with tourists and Singapore Skyline in background.  (topnatthapon / Shutterstock)

Singapore Changi Airport_355809083

SINGAPORE – NOVEMBER 03, 2015: interior of Changi Airport. Singapore Changi Airport, is the primary civilian airport for Singapore, and one of the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia (Sorbis / Shutterstock)


CHINATOWN, SINGAPORE OCTOBER 10, 2015: beautiful historic architecture, shophouses in chinatown, Singapore on October 10, 2015, exterior (MosayMay / Shutterstock)

Sri Mariamman Hindu temple in China Town, Singapore_335753717

SINGAPORE – JULY 30,2015:Sri Mariamman Hindu temple, China Town, Singapore (yari2000 / Shutterstock)

Little India in Singapore_306195140

SINGAPORE – 21 May 2015 :Little India is, as the name promises, the centre for the large Indian community in Singapore. (Korkusung / Shutterstock)

Decorative wall painting at Haji lane_314362838

SINGAPORE – MARCH 2, 2015: Decorative wall painting at Haji lane, Singapore. Haji lane is the famous boutique shopping lane in Singapore. (Chatchawat Prasertsom / Shutterstock)

MICA building near Clark Quay_176079335

Colourful window shutters of the MICA building near Clark Quay, Singapore (Copyright: Chris Howey)

Tourists in the streets of the Arab quarter (Kampong Glam)_299277053

SINGAPORE – CIRCA FEBRUARY, 2015: Tourists in the streets of the Arab quarter (Kampong Glam). Arab Quarter is the oldest historic shopping district of Singapore, is popular for visiting tourists. (DoublePHOTO studio / Shutterstock)

singapore lunchtime_364983890

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE – AUGUST 05, 2008: Unidentified people walk by the street during lunch break time in Singapore, Singapore. (Dmitry Chulov / Shutterstock)

Tian Tian Hainanese restaurant_280847783

SINGAPORE – MAY 16 : Tian Tian Hainanese restaurant on May 16, 2015 in Singapore. Singapore’s chicken rice famous bargain enjoy eating destination. (BoyCatalyst / Shutterstock)

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown_250868551

SINGAPORE-SEP 01, 2014: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown. The temple is based on the Tang dynasty architectural style and built to house the tooth relic of the historical Buddha. (Bule Sky Studio / Shutterstock)

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple with monks_370401284

SINGAPORE/SINGAPORE – 23 DEC, 2015: Buddhist ceremony in the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple with monks. The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum was built to house the tooth relic of the historical Buddha (Katharina13 / Shutterstock)

Padang Atrium at National Gallery_346800614

Singapore, Dec 1, 2015: Padang Atrium at National Gallery Singapore, the world’s largest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian art, located in the Downtown Core of Singapore. (Jenny Zhang / Shutterstock)

singapore-interior of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands_352998113

SINGAPORE – NOVEMBER 08, 2015: interior of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is one of Singapore’s largest luxury shopping malls (Sorbis / Shutterstock)

marina bay sands resort in singapore_358096535

SINGAPORE – JAN 04, 2016: Shopping mall at Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore. It is billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property at 8 billion dollar. (Tang Yan Song / Shutterstock)


Tourist adventure and relax in Singapore (Copyright: Pavel Ilyukhin)

green park in Singapore_329349539

Singapore – Oct 5, 2015. People enjoy at the green park in Singapore. Mature trees are a natural heritage of Singapore and serve as important green landmarks for the island state. (Phuong D. Nguyen / Shutterstock)

Bandstand (or Gazebo) at the Botanic Gardens_339270209

The Bandstand (or Gazebo) at the Botanic Gardens, an UNESCO World Heritage Site of Singapore. It has more than 10K species of flora, spreads over its 74ha area, and receives 4.5M visitors annually (Copyright: Trong Nguyen)

Universal Studios Singapore_300628748

SINGAPORE – OCTOBER 17, 2014: Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, Singapore. (saiko3p / Shutterstock)


SINGAPORE – Dec 2014 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE sign on December 05, 2014. Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, Singapore (SATHIANPONG PHOOKIT / Shutterstock)

Universal Studios Singapore_303170420

SINGAPORE – 12 July, 2015 : Castle in Universal Studios Singapore at Singapore Resorts World Sentos.  (nattanan726 / Shutterstock)

Garden by the Bays at Singapore_285927788

SINGAPORE, JUNE ,9 : Garden by the Bays at Singapore near attraction like Marina Bays.The great place for tourists are going to see nature.SINGAPORE JUNE ,9 2015 (jack_photo / Shutterstock)

Singapore Flyer_328591178

SINGAPORE -JULY 31: Singapore Flyer – the Largest Ferris Wheel in the World. looking from Gardens by the Bay, Singapore on July 31, 2015 (2p2play / Shutterstock)

Gardens by the Bay at dusk_131519522

SINGAPORE – MARCH 05: Gardens by the Bay at dusk on March 05, 2013 in Singapore. Gardens by the Bay was crowned World Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival 2012 (joyfull / Shutterstock)

Singapore flyer_311880893

SINGAPORE – MARCH 1, 2015: Sunset scene of Singapore flyer on march 1, 2015. Singapore flyer is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Singapore. (Chatchawat Prasertsom / Shutterstock)

SINGAPORE-Colorful light building at night in Clarke Quay_247673455

SINGAPORE-DEC 16: Colorful light building at night in Clarke Quay, Singapore on December 16, 2014. Clarke Quay, is a historical riverside quay in Singapore, located within the Singapore River Area. (f11photo / Shutterstock)

singapore-Helix bridge_283171853

SINGAPORE, MAY 6: Walking on the Helix bridge at night, a famous touristic attraction, on May 6, 2015 in Singapore (Delpixel / Shutterstock)

Chinatown with Chinese New Year_385977559

Singapore, 26 Feb 2016: Beautiful Chinatown with Chinese New Year decoration. (gnohz / Shutterstock)

Chinatown district_357485498

SINGAPORE – DECEMBER 14: Chinatown district on December 14, 2015 in Singapore. Singapore’s Chinatown is a world famous bargain shopping destination. (f11photo / Shutterstock)

The Merlion_309149261

SINGAPORE – OCTOBER 16, 2014: The Merlion is a traditional creature in western heraldry that depicts a creature with a lion’s head and a body of a fish. (saiko3p / Shutterstock)


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