Phuket is one of the most popular travel spots in Thailand.  The beautiful beach and wide range of outdoor activities have attracted millions of people from around the world each year.   Thanks to the tropical climate, the variation in temperature around the year is not significant.  There are a lot of attractions in Phuket, including the national museum, aquarium and beaches.  The Buddha of Phuket is a distinctive structure that best represents the Buddhism culture in the region.

Karon beach in Phuket island Thailand_359979407

Karon beach in Phuket island Thailand (Copyright: vitmark)

Phuket airport landing_278057396

Phuket airport landing.  Phuket Island has its own airport, which is not unexpected, considering the large number of visitors’ arrivals each year.  (Copyright: WBaBenerk)

View Point bay Koh Phi Phi Don in andaman sea_360243242

View Point bay Koh Phi Phi Don in andaman sea, Phuket, Krabi, South of Thailand. (Copyright: Vladyslav Danilin)

maya beach-Phi Phi island_295034711

Asian lady relax with long tail boat at maya beach, Phi Phi island near Phuket in Thailand (Copyright: anekoho)


Phuket March 10 – A long tail boat to bring tourist to travel to beautiful Island in Thailand on 10 March 2013 (martinho Smart / Shutterstock)

Patong beach_386187769

PHUKET, THAILAND- JAN 23, 2016: Crowds of tourists at Patong beach on Jan 23, 2016 in Phuket, Thailand. Phuket is a popular destination famous for its beaches. (Aleksandar Todorovic / Shutterstock)

Elephant riding for tourists in Phuket Province, Thailand_181750922

Elephant riding for tourists in Phuket Province, Thailand (VrisPhuket/Shutterstock)

Thai church of Karon Temple at Phuket Province in Thailand_256539760

Thai church of Karon Temple at Phuket Province in Thailand (Copyright: Karina Lopatina)

Wat Chalong is the most important temple of Phuket_191006012

Wat Chalong is the most important temple of Phuket (Copyright: Dima Fadeev)

Racha island_292777718

Snorkeling at “Racha island”, Phuket, Thailand (Copyright: Tee11)

Traveler snorkeling coral reef_308809988

PHUKET, THAILAND – APR 14: Traveler snorkeling coral reef with clear blue tropical water holiday on April 14, 2010 in Phuket, Thailand. It is a popular snorkelling the famous round Racha Yai Island (isarescheewin / Shutterstock)

Elephant trekking in Phuket island_368268344

THAILAND, PHUKET, OCTOBER 2015.Elephant trekking in Phuket island, tourists attraction. (Avatar_023 / Shutterstock)

Andaman sea at windmill viewpoint_287941964

PHUKET,THAILAND – MAY 23, 2015: unidentified man flying by Paramotor to enjoy Andaman sea at windmill viewpoint in Phuket. (Blanscape / Shutterstock)

Entrance of Central Festival mall_215705857

Phuket, 22 May 2014: Entrance of Central Festival mall with open gallery and restaurants and cafes below at Phuket Town, Phuket province, Thailand. (Aleph Studio / Shutterstock)

Seafood on the street in Phuket_251417173

Seafood on the street in Phuket, Thailand (Copyright: Ivan Mateev)

Ritual figures of elephants_214643863

Ritual figures of elephants. Phuket. Thailand. (Copyright: Katerina Chaikina)

celebration of the Chinese new year_253700041

Phuket,Thailand – February 18, 2015: celebration of the Chinese new year in the temple Saphan Hin (Evgeny Vorobyev / Shutterstock)

Novotel Phuket Resort_375881050
Phuket, Thailand – January 4, 2012: Entrance sign with carved elephants, portrait of the King, and fountains at the Novotel Phuket Resort overlooking Patong Beach (LEE SNIDER PHOTO IMAGES / Shutterstock)

Colorful windows Sino-Portuguese style_312311525

Colorful windows Sino-Portuguese style architecture at phuket (Copyright: Tayawee Supan)

busy street of Pathong Beach_321293321

Phuket, Thailand – August 29, 2015: Local man is driving local bike along the busy street of Pathong Beach, Phuket, Thailand.(Niradj / Shutterstock)

Cat at Phuket Old Town_378449800

Cat at Phuket Old Town (Copyright: PuiBoChaN)

Visitors walk Chinatown in Phuket_343653989

Phuket, Thailand 21 november 2014: Visitors walk Chinatown in Phuket, Thailand. Phuket Chinatown is the largest in Thailand and a popular tourism attraction. (yari2000 / Shutterstock)

Old Police Station_231122476

PHUKET, THAILAND – August 29th 2014 : Old Police Station Now Become A Landmarks of Chino Portuguese Building in phuket Town. The Local Public Transportation Is Convenient For getting around the town.(Sarunyu L / Shutterstock)

Phuket Aquarium_246343081

PHUKET, THAILAND – NOVEMBER 11, 2014: Building of Phuket Aquarium. This sea aquarium keeps a big collection of ocean underwater creatures and is one of the main tourist attractions on island.  (Serg Zastavkin / Shutterstock)

clock tower of Surin Circle_324661562

Phuket, Thailand – September 25, 2015: The clock tower of Surin Circle, Surin Circle was around about of the center of the Phuket town.  (Rabyesang / Shutterstock)

The marble statue of Big Buddha_351338810

PHUKET, THAILAND – DEC 4: The marble statue of Big Buddha, on December 4, 2015. One of the most famous landmark of phuket (surasaki / Shutterstock)

Two Heroines Monument_377537161

Phuket, Thailand – May 29th 2015: Two Heroines Monument is a memorial statue of the Heroines Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Sri Sunthon, who rallied islanders in 1785 to repel Burmese invaders. (Joey Santini / Shutterstock)

Lying Buddha statue in Wat Sri Sunthon temple on Phuket_231074467

Lying Buddha statue in Wat Sri Sunthon temple on Phuket in Thailand (Copyright: Serg Zastavkin)

Thalang Road_289510292

Thalang Road, The old phuket town, Thailand. (Copyright: moointer)

Landscape of Wooded bridge pier between sunset_242658232

Landscape of Wooded bridge pier between sunset. Summer travel in Phuket ,Thailand.  (Copyright: Prasit Rodphan)

To learn more about Phuket, here’s an article you may be interested:

Phuket, Thailand
By Thomas M Johanson

Phuket Island is the biggest island of Thailand and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Although it is an island, it is connected with the rest of Thailand by two bridges. Phuket is the name of the island; it is also the name of the town on the island of Phuket and the name of the Province to which belong the Phuket Island and some smaller islands near the Phuket Island.

The Phuket Island is of the size similar to Singapore and the island was well known to many people all over the world throughout the history, especially to merchants and travelers, as it was on the important trade route between India and China. It used to be mentioned many times in the ship logs of travelers from many countries, especially from Portugal, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and France.

It has been a prosperous place, previously prospering from tin and rubber, and nowadays mostly from tourism.

In the past the island was called Junk Celyon. The modern name “Phuket”, the same as the previous name Junk Celyon, comes from Malay and means “hill”. For people coming to Phuket from the sea, the island appears as a hill.

Because Phuket was the source of valuable tin, in the 17th century the western powers of France, Netherlands and England competed for the control of the trade of tin from Phuket. The French controlled the island for some time, but ultimately were driven away by Thais. Later the Burmese tried to conquer Phuket but were unsuccessful. When the Burmese forces were preparing to invade Phuket they were spotted by the British captain who warned the Phuket’s authorities.

Two local women, the wife of the deceased governor and her sister quickly organized some defensive forces that they were able to gather quickly and successfully resisted the Burmese invasion for one month. After the one month siege the Burmese were forced to withdraw and the two local women became the Phuket’s heroines.

On the Boxing Day of December 26, 2004 Phuket and the other areas of Thailand on the Andaman Coast were struck by tsunami waves caused by the earthquake under the Indian Ocean. Tens of thousands of people died in South East Asia and 5,300 people in Thailand, mostly foreign tourists. In Phuket Province 250 deaths were reported, but there were many more deaths (about thousand) of illegal Burmese worker who were building a new beach resort in the area of Khao Lak.

Many beaches and some villages in Phuket were destroyed or damaged by the tsunami, mostly on the western coast (especially Kamala, Patong, Karon and Kata beaches) and also some areas on the southern coast.

The rebuilding of Phuket started and progressed very fast after the tsunami and most of the resorts and hotels were back in business in February 2005. Throughout the 2005 all the damage areas of Phuket Province were restored.

Nowadays Phuket is protected by American invented tsunami protection system made of twenty-two buoys that are floating in the Indian Ocean and are part of the global tsunami warning system.

If you’re planning a visit to Phuket you might consider staying at Patong Beach, one of the most popular beaches of Phuket. Visit []Patong Beach Hotels for more information.

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