Distant from Phuket by a boat-ride length, Phang Nga Bay consists of spectacular limestone islands.  Among the islands, Koh Ping-gan, also called James Bond Island, has one majestic rock pinnacle going through the water and is one of the most striking islands.  Nearby, Ko Pannyi Island (Sea Gypsy Island) has a village on stilts and perched over water.  There’s a monolith just hovering at the back.

Similan islands, Thailand_109519787

Similan islands, Thailand, Phuket.  (Copyright: jeep2499)

James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay_369070397

Thailand, Krabi. James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay.  (Copyright: Sorin Colac)

Similan natural park_157865132

PHANG NGA, THAILAND – DECEMBER 13 : Unidentified tourists enjoy the beach of Similan natural park on December 13,2009 in Phang nga, Thailand.  (mrmichaelangelo / Shutterstock)

Similan island, Phang-nga Thailand_386126686

Phang Nga, Thailand-Feb 28, 2016 : clear water beautiful sea like a heaven at Similan island, Phang-nga Thailand  (jiraphoto / Shutterstock)

beach in summer at Khai Nok island_312714773

PHANG NGA,THAILAND – MARCH 24 : Beautiful tourist woman are shooting pictures, having fun on the beach in summer at Khai Nok island. – 24 March 2015, Phang Nga, Thailand  (Opas Chotiphantawanon / Shutterstock)

Phang Nga Bay_223223314

PHI PHI ISLAND, THAILAND – Oct 10, 2014: Unidentified tourists visiting biggest tourist attraction on Phang Nga Bay, October. 10, 2014  (GUIDENOP / Shutterstock)

Similan Island, Andaman Sea_183833852

Asia mother and her daughter in Tropical beach, Similan Island, Andaman Sea, Thailand  (Copyright: anekoho)

tropical clear sea in Krabi_317051270

Krabi, Thailand – Sep 2, 2015. Tourists snorkeling in a tropical clear sea in Krabi, Thailand. Kayaking, sailing, bird watching, snorkeling are also among top activities in Krabi and Phuket.  (Phuong D. Nguyen / Shutterstock)


Tachai Island, Similan Islands National Park_178996040

Chicken Crab on the beach of Tachai Island, Similan Islands National Park, Phang Nga, Thailand  (Copyright: anekoho)

Khai Nok island_346498250

PHANG NGA,THAILAND – MARCH 24, 2015: Jet ski on the beach. Khai Nok island is one of the most famous island.Crystal clear water and white sand beach can attract many tourists – 24 March 2015, Thailand  (Opas Chotiphantawanon / Shutterstock)

Wooden houses in Morgan, sea Gypsie_97590695

Travel background: Wooden houses in Morgan, sea Gypsie, village at Surin islands in in Phang-Nga, Thailand  (Copyright: Blanscape)

Sea view at Koh Yao Noi , Phang Nga_295528826

Sea view at Koh Yao Noi , Phang Nga, THAILAND  (Copyright: Tee11)

Sharky bar_255333712

PHANG NGA, THAILAND – APRIL 20, 2014: The Sharky bar is famous for foreign tourist. It is at Pak Weep beach, Khao Lak, Southern Thailand.  (JoeyPhoto / Shutterstock)

Song Phraek village_421565515

PHANG NGA,THAILAND – FEBRUARY 20 : Tourists are playing with elephant on river at Song Phraek village on FEBRUARY 20, 2016 in THAILAND.  (April_8 / Shutterstock)

koh-phrathong, phang nga_409725856

koh-phrathong, phang nga, thailand  (Copyright: pattawee limsakul)

Canal at Phang Nga_418321618

Canal at Phang Nga, Thailand  (Copyright: Krisda)

Phang Nga Bay of Andaman sea_339998015

PHANG NGA BAY, THAILAND – CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2015: Tourist kayaking tours in Phang Nga Bay of Andaman sea, Thailand  (amadeustx / Shutterstock)

Song prack village_143612986

PHANG NGA,THAILAND-DEC 6:Group of tourists enjoy white water rafting on river at Song prack village on December 6,2011 in Phang nga Thailand.Here is the most popular rafting point in South of Thiland.  (Tappasan Phurisamrit / Shutterstock)

Phang Nga in southern Thailand_279934415

Phang Nga in southern Thailand  (Copyright: wanphen chawarung)

Takua Pa Walking Street_424060798

Takua Pa Walking Street, Takua Pa Old Town, Phang Nga, Thailand  (Copyright: Jutinan Jujinda)

vegetarian festival_227166403

TAKUA PA, PHANG NGA/THAILAND – SEP 2014:The joss house is decorated for vegetarian festival on Sep 27, 2014 in Takua Pa. This annual festival takes place from Sep 24 to Oct 2 and Oct 24 to Nov 1, 2014  (JoeyPhoto / Shutterstock)

Phang Nga village_189861455

PHANG NGA, THAILAND, JANUARY 27: Thai student are going back home in the evening in the street of Phang Nga village, Thailand, on January 27, 2014.  (Stephane Bidouze / Shutterstock)

Thai temple in Phang-Nga province_121747678

Thai temple in Phang-Nga province, Thailand  (Copyright: April909)

Sarasin Bridge_173984255

PHUKET / THAILAND – OCTOBER 29 2011: Sarasin Bridge built in 1967, spanning 600 m over the Pak Prah strait connect Phang Nga Province and Phuket Island.  (nitinut380 / Shutterstock)

Wat Kaeo Manee Si Mahathat_322798112

PHANG NGA, THAILAND – January 8, 2014: Wat Kaeo Manee Si Mahathat. Buddhist Monk Sitting Temple  (Natalia Sidorova / Shutterstock)

Wat Tham Suwan Khuha cave_363025604

PHANG NGA, THAILAND – JULY 10: Wat Tham Suwan Khuha cave. The golden reclining Buddha is a tourist attraction in Phang Nga, Thailand on July. 10, 2016.  (Andreas R. / Shutterstock)

Golden statue of Buddha of Nirvana _274133204

Phang Nga, Thailand – January, 25th, 2014: Golden statue of Buddha of Nirvana in buddhist cave temple in Wat Tham Suwankhuha cave (Monkey Cave) In Phang Nga, Thailand.  (SvetlanaSF / Shutterstock)

Andaman Princess Resort & SPA_157866110

KOH KHO KHAO, THAILAND – NOV 7: Oriental architecture of Andaman Princess Resort & SPA. Hotel was destroyed by tsunami in 2004 and rebuild, Koh Kho Khao, Phang Nga in Thailand on Nov. 7, 2012.  (Patryk Kosmider / Shutterstock)

Room interior of Andaman Princess Resort & SPA_129963221

KOH KHO KHAO, THAILAND – NOV 3: Room interior of Andaman Princess Resort & SPA. Hotel was destroyed by tsunami in 2004 and rebuild, Koh Kho Khao, Phang Nga in Thailand on Nov. 3, 2012.  (Room interior of Andaman Princess Resort & SPA)

Sunset at Phang Nga Bay, Krabi_303204020

Sunset at Phang Nga Bay, Krabi, Thailand  (Copyright: John_Walker)

Phang Nga, Thailand_102584408

Sunset and umbrella on beach Phang Nga, Thailand  (Copyright: ekkapon)

Andaman Princess Resort & SPA_128927210

KOH KHO KHAO, THAILAND – NOV 13: Scenery of swimming pool at Andaman Princess Resort & SPA. Hotel was destroyed by tsunami in 2004 and rebuild, Koh Kho Khao, Phang Nga in Thailand on Nov. 13, 2012.  (Patryk Kosmider / Shutterstock)

Useful Reference

Discovering the Magic of Phang Nga Thailand
By Stephan Suttikarn

Giddy with excitement as you set out to unravel Phang nga Thailand?

Before you set out on your journey, make sure you get utmost enjoyment by knowing bits and pieces about the varied attractions that the exquisite destination has to offer. Whether it’s beach and island attractions (which are ideal to visit towards the later part of November until April) of Phang nga Thailand, or its nature parks and interesting wildlife, or perhaps the historic sites, or a taste of paradise at Phang Nga Bay located in southern Thailand you’re dreaming of – you can explore them all to your heart’s content with just a bit of planning.

Phang nga Thailand may be a bit far especially for travelers coming all the way from other Asian countries, but those who have seen its natural beauty will exclaim that it is worth the trip. The place is steeped in history and tradition and offers pleasant little surprises especially for those who have the wanderlust in them and are raring to savor moments of quiet solitude in harmony with nature. It’s a dream destination, indeed. Picture yourself in total relaxation and all settled in a modern resort with a private terrace overlooking cool waters, with only the splashing of waves, the cool breeze and the idea of seeing colorful wildlife like dolphins, turtles, porcupines, or setting out on a diving or spelunking adventure breaking your reverie.

You can make it all a reality. For starters, you can book yourself at a luxury hotel like the Phang Nga Bay Resort Hotel located at the Phang Nga Bay National Marine Park which offers scenic views wherever you look. Famished from your long-haul trip? Nourish yourself first with authentic Thai cuisine, along with Chinese and Western cuisine served at the hotel restaurant. Arm yourself with the habits and rules generally observed by the Thais. If, by some remote chance, you happen to have a complaint over service, be calm and soft-spoken about it, and keep that smile until you reach a resolution. From the resort hotel, you can arrange to have a boat take you to the beach of your dreams.

If uncovering secret spots like hidden lagoons and basking in the unsullied wilderness of the islands of Phang Nga Bay proves highly irresistible, there’s no reason to deprive yourself of the joy of exploring them. It may interest you to know that the Ao Phang-Nga Bay National Park right in the heart of Phang nga Thailand is teeming with striking coves and mangrove forests. For your underwater adventure, you will come across sea snakes and other sea creatures. On land, you may stumble across numerous reptiles and mammals, including gibbons and langurs. Another scenic spot worth checking out is the limestone hill in the sea.

If you’re considering booking a long holiday in Phang nga Thailand, you may want to include in your itinerary an exploration of the corals of Moo Koh Similan.

Opt to stay in places, like luxury hotels with all the amenities you need, and which will actually get you close to nature. Thailand offers a surreal experience you will long remember, so plan ahead and you will not miss out on the many wonders which the country, particularly Phang-nga, has to offer.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Stephan_Suttikarn/147657



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