National park is meant to preserve landscapes for appreciation by generations.  Being the largest national park in the Alps, Hohe Tauern National Park covers an area of 1,856 km².  The National Park extends from 1,000 m in elevation up to 3,798 meters above sea level at the summit of the Grossglockner.  Hiking in the park lets you journey through the glacier-topped peaks between the polar reaches and Central Europe.  Glacial streams, medieval hill farms and alpine meadows in summer will ensure a rewarding travel experience.  (photo credit: lcrms)

panoramic view into zillertal valley at gerlos road in tirol/ austria

Gerlos, Tirol/ AUSTIA August 02 2016: Zillertal valley landscape in Tirol. European Alps (Austria) in summer time. path along

Gerlos, Tirol/ AUSTRIA July 26 2016: People hiking through the alpine landscape of Gerlostal as part of Zillertal valley in summer. High Tauern national park

European alps landscape of Schwarzachtal valley in Zillertal (Austria). Stream flowing through the valley

Gerlos, Tirol/ AUSTIA August 02 2016: Zillertal valley landscape in Tirol. hikers walking along a small road towards Schwarzachtal valley. European Alps (Austria) in summer time

Gerlos riving flowing through pine tree forest in european alps/ Zillertal (Austria).

Gerlos, Tirol/ AUSTRIA July 08 2009: Couple hiking through the alpine landscape of Zillertal valley in summer time. Resting on a stone.

Gerlos, Tirol/ AUSTRIA July 08 2009: People hiking through the alpine landscape of Zillertal valley in summer time. view into the Schoenachtal valley.

traditional old wooden barn in zillertal alps in tirol/ austria

panoramic view into zillertal valley at gerlos road in tirol/ austria

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Austria – Heart of Europe
By Ryan Fyfe

The official name of Austria is the republic of Austria and the people of Austria are known as Austrians. The type of government that exists in Austria is the federal parliamentary democracy. The common language in Austria is the as 90 percent of the people speak German.

The population is a mixture of all type of cultures, castes etc. There are noticeable numbers of immigrants from Turkey and Yugoslavia and the numbers of these immigrants have been increasing for past two decades. Roman Catholics comprise of around 75 percent of the people. United States has played an important role in the reconstruction of Austria and the Austrian state treaty. Austria is also known for tea and coffee. The major buyers of roasted coffee and green beans are Yugoslavia, Poland, Romania and even Switzerland.

Austria is a very beautiful place to visit and it is surrounded by mountain vistas, stunning landscapes and there are many cities which are world famous with the mark of history. Austria is best known for wine and is the destination one should visit only for good wine. Austria is also known for beers, local cuisine, opera and classical music.

The famous places in Austria is Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz, Danube valley and even small towns like klagenfurt, bregenz and linz. There are many other mountain valleys and small towns which add to the beauty of Austria and have remarkable history. Austria is a very beautiful place known for its scenic beauty and shows its simplicity of the culture and the people of Austria. The countryside has a very traditional and typical look with the list of past incidents and events which are marked in the history.

Tourism in Austria contributes the maximum to its income. It is one of the best holiday destinations and its beauty gives you relaxation and peace of mind. Vienna is said to be one of the most beautiful, interesting and calm cities in Europe. It has a very pleasant environment with unlimited romance and is naturally enchanting. Vienna has most number of Roman Catholics and is also a historic center. Vienna is a very old city with lots of castles and palaces which belongs to the 13th century. It has wonderful buildings with visual history and many architectural treasures.

Vienna has a famous opera house that is the Wiener staatsoper. It has number of museums and galleries which are of tourist interest. Salzburg is also the best place for the tourists to visit and it is a very old town with baroque architecture. There is the Mirabel palace with the amazing garden at the bank of Salzach River. The other town is Innsbruck which is known as the ski capital of Europe and winter Olympics is supposed to be held there. Another place to visit is Graz which is an old and small town with lot of narrow lanes, beautiful architecture and ornate courtyards. Austria is one of the best places for the tourist to visit as it makes them aware of its beauty which lies in its simplicity.

The famous hotels are schloss monchstein, hotel stein, goldener Hirsch and Salzburg. All these hotels have well furnished rooms and castle suit with exquisite local food. Food is the continental type, specially the breakfast with coffee, tea or juice. The popular meats in Austria are pork, beef and chicken. One of the best features of its cuisine is the Austrians cakes and pasteries with choclate and apricot jam filling. Desserts usually contain apple strudle, cakes, sweet cherry and poppy seed strudel. On the whole Austria with its lovely surrounding, stunning music, luxurious lifestyle and delicious and mouthwatering food is a lovely place to visit.

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