With 15 million gallons of water delivered to hundreds of boreholes and springs in Budapest, the city has an astonishing array of bath options, ranging from Gellert Baths to neo-baroque Szechenyi Spa to Rudas Spa, a majestic Turkish-styled pool with unique Ottoman ornate.  The image of “Queen of the Danube” is well blended into the natural beauty, culture and history.  Prepare your exploration in the Roman ruins of Aquincum Museum, Statue Park, Heroes’ Square and the mega dome of St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Zrinyi Utca street and Saint Stephen Basilica_376226131

Budapest. Hungary. Zrinyi Utca street and Saint Stephen`s Basilica.  (Copyright: Artur Synenko)

Szechenyi spa, Budapest_110493137

The Szechenyi spa, Budapest  (Copyright: posztos)

Szechenyi Baths in Budapest_407967985

Budapest, Hungary. April 16, 2016: Szechenyi Baths in Budapest in Hungary on a sunny day. The biggest bath complex in Europe.  (posztos / Shutterstock)

Szechenyi thermal baths_173097413

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – JULY 8, 2013: Szechenyi thermal baths on July 8, 2013 in Budapest, Hungary  (nanka / Shutterstock)

Szemlohegyi Cave in Budapest_200604053

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – JUNE 21, 2014: People visit Szemlohegyi Cave in Budapest. Budapest has the largest thermal water cave system in the world.  (Tupungato / Shutterstock)

thermal bath in the Szechenyi spa circa _58835749

BUDAPEST – CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2009: People have a thermal bath in the Szechenyi spa circa September 2009 in Budapest. Szechenyi Medicinal Bath is the largest medicinal bath in Europe.  (Vacclav / Shutterstock)

Gellert Thermal Bath_242795398

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, – September 5th. 2014: Gellert Thermal Bath, traditional Hungarian thermal bath complex with spa treatments. (Sorin Colac / Shutterstock)

Millennium Monument_97385624

BUDAPEST – CIRCA MAY 2011: Tourists visit Millennium Monument in This square has been UNESCO World Heritage site since 2002.  (Copyright: little photographer)

Great Market Hall of Budapest_296965058

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, JULY 10,2015: Front view of Great Market Hall of Budapest, the largest and oldest indoor market in Budapest, Hungary, located at the end of famous shopping street Vaci utca.  (Ozgur Guvenc / Shutterstock)

Changing of the guard at the Alexander Palace_398060617

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – AUGUST 18, 2012: Changing of the guard at the Alexander Palace – the place of work of the President. Hungary  (volkova natalia / Shutterstock)

St. Stephen Basilica, a Roman Catholic basilica in Budapest_244258183

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – April 2014: St. Stephen’s Basilica, a Roman Catholic basilica in Budapest, Hungary. It is named in honour of Stephen, the first King of Hungary, built in 1905  (Levoshko Konstantin / Shutterstock)

Matthias church_162457196

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – OCT 19: Orchestra in front of the Matthias church on October 19, 2013 in Budapest, Hungary. They are one of many performers on the church square  (Ivica Drusany / Shutterstock)

Spring Festival Parade_192611519

BUDAPEST – MAY 10: Spring Festival Parade where different people celebrated the warm weather arrival in a Rio Style Parade-while onlookers cheered along 2014 on May 10, 2014 in Hungary.  (GTS Productions / Shutterstock)

Bar in Budapest, Hungary_377782000

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY- SEPTEMBER 5, 2015: Bar in Budapest, Hungary. A woman waitress ready for serving the customers.  (Eugenio Marongiu / Shutterstock)

Budapest Central Market Hall_398387185

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – SEPTEMBER 7, 2015: Portrait of a young beautiful Hungarian woman dressed with typical clothes at Budapest Central Market Hall  (Eugenio Marongiu / Shutterstock)

Great Market Hall in Budapest_349048964

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – 24 JULY 2013: Great Market Hall in Budapest, Hungary, full of locals and tourist buying form the different stalls. Opened in 1897, it remains oldest indoor market in Budapest.  (Emi Cristea / Shutterstock)

Great Market Hall_264291356

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – 29 APRIL, 2014: People shopping in the Great Market Hall on April 29, 2014 in Budapest, Hungary. Great Market Hall is the largest indoor market in Budapest, it was built in 1896.  (GTS Productions / Shutterstock)

West End City Center_215882953

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – AUG 27, 2014: West End City Center, a shopping centre in Budapest, Hungary. it is the former largest mall in Central Europe and it was opened on Nov 12, 1999  (Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock)

West End City Center_213442426

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – AUG 27, 2014: West End City Center, a shopping centre in Budapest, Hungary. it is the former largest mall in Central Europe and it was opened on Nov 12, 1999 (Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock)

Fishermen Bastion on the castle hill of Budapest_404230765

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – MARCH 19 2016: Fishermen’s Bastion on the castle hill of Budapest, Hungary  (Kotsovolos Panagiotis / Shutterstock)

Danube in Budapest_66117538

Girl sitting on a bench in the flood of the river Danube in Budapest (Copyright: Peter Gudella)

Chain Bridge_128745389

Chain Bridge is the quintessential symbol to Budapest, one of the most beautiful European city.  (Copyright: Zoltan Katona)

Vajdahunyad castle in Budapest_382374688

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – FEBRUARY 22, 2016: People are skating in front of Vajdahunyad castle in Budapest, Hungary.  (Frog Dares / Shutterstock)

Segway electric vehicles outside the Hungarian Parliament_395218930

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – May 29, 2015: Group of tourists on Segway electric vehicles outside the Hungarian Parliament building in central Budapest, Hungary.  (T.Slack / Shutterstock)

Parliament building in Budapest_385653001

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – OCTOBER 26, 2015: Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary with some local people in background  (photosounds / Shutterstock)

Grey Raven_381883204

Grey Raven on the background of the Hungarian Parliament, Budapest, Hungary.  (Copyright: Frog Dares)

Matthias Church located in the heart Buda Castle_193302353

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – APRIL 15: Tourists sitting in a sidewalk cafe near Matthias Church located in the heart Buda Castle. This square one of the main tourist attractions in Budapest on April 15, 2014. (Alexander Tihonov / Shutterstock)

Street food seller in Budapest_412522309

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – APRIL 26 2016: Street food seller in Budapest: sweet pastry rolls  (futureGalore / Shutterstock)

Szentendre touristic village near Budapest_350324246

SZENTENDRE, HUNGARY: july 22, 2015: Shops and restaurants at the centre of Szentendre touristic village near Budapest.  (HildaWeges Photography / Shutterstock)

Szentendre near Budapest _350323892

SZENTENDRE, HUNGARY: july 22, 2015: Souvenir shop at the centre of Szentendre near Budapest in Hungary  (HildaWeges Photography / Shutterstock)

Vajdahunyad castle in main City Park circa _210655426

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – CIRCA JULY 2014 : BierBike with tourists is entering the gate Vajdahunyad castle in main City Park circa July 2014 in Budapest, Hungary. BierBike is sighseeing tour for tourists.  (velirina / Shutterstock)

cable car to the hill Gellert_280004909

Budapest, Hungary – March 29, 2015: Tourists waiting for the cable car to the hill Gellert. Length of a way makes 95 meters, a height difference 48 meters  (Nataliya Nazarova / Shutterstock)

Vaci Utca the main shopping street in Budapest_397980682

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – MARCH 20 2016: Tourists and visitors on Vaci Utca the main shopping street in Budapest, Hungary.  (Kotsovolos Panagiotis / Shutterstock)

Park in Heroes Square, Budapest_385653016

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – OCTOBER 26, 2015: Park in Heroes Square, Budapest. Hungary  (photosounds / Shutterstock)

Heroes Square Park and fountain_385652968

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – OCTOBER 26, 2015: Heroes Square Park and fountain. Budapest, Hungary.  (photosounds / Shutterstock)

Yellow tram of Budapest_379862149

Yellow tram of Budapest at an empty square. Famous tramline number 2.  (Copyright: artjazz)

Bike ride in Budapest_345740708

Bike ride in Budapest  (Copyright: Ollyy)

Chain Bridge at sunset_373359664

Chain Bridge at sunset – suspension bridge over the Danube River connecting the two historical part of Budapest – Buda and Pest  (Copyright: dimbar76)

City Park ice rink_344835947

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – DECEMBER 16: City Park ice rink on December 16, 2014 in Budapest, Hungary. It is Europe’s largest outdoor ice rink.  (Peter Gudella / Shutterstock)

Buda Castle or Royal Palace in Budapest_408956614

Buda Castle or Royal Palace in Budapest, Hungary  (Copyright: Suprun Vitaly)

Useful Reference

A Nice Travel Guide to Budapest
By Robert Frische

Classical music is superb here too with some wonderful opera houses. Try visiting the Hungarian state opera house which has one of the best opera companies in Europe if you can get a ticket. Otherwise you can find out more about the history of Budapest music in the Music Museum. There is also the old fashioned Budapest Operetta Theatre.

Art lovers will also find much to enjoy in this city full of cultural splendour. There are the Trafó House of Contemporary Arts and the Palace of Arts among other attractive options. Holders of student cards get discounted entry to both of these fantastic buildings.

Interestingly Budapest is divided up into 23 districts which are marked by Roman numerals. Just under two million people live in Budapest, though there are more than three million inhabitants of Greater Budapest.

Since the break up of the Eastern bloc, Budapest has been recognised as something of a hidden gem. Now more than 20 million tourists go there every year to see what this beautiful city has to offer. Many of them are drawn to the fact that Budapest is a relatively cheap city, and combined with cheap car hire Budapest you can have an affordable and pleasurable holiday here.

When driving through Budapest remember that the River Danube splits the city into two parts – Buda (a city on the west bank) and Pest (a city on the east bank). If you need help orientating yourself you may also wish to have a sat nav system in your car, a good idea if you don’t speak Hungarian. Take some time to see the beautiful bridges which cross the Danube such as the Lágymányosi Bridge, the Margaret Bridge and the Árpád Bridge. All have a range of architectural styles.

The must-see areas of Budapest have been put onto the UNESCO World Heritage list and are the Buda Castle Quarter, the Banks of the River Danube, and Andrássy Avenue.

One of the more relaxing pastimes in Budapest is going bathing as this is an old spa city with baths left over from an era of Turkish occupation. People from all over Europe come to enjoy these hot springs and pampering services such as massages.

Budapest Airport, known as Budapest Ferihegy Airport, is the largest airport in the country. You will want to pick up a car at Budapest Ferihegy International Airport as it is located some 10 miles outside of the city centre. As Budapest is such a huge city you will certainly find having a car to be advantageous.

There are some short term car parks situated at both of the airport’s two terminals. There is also a long term car park with good security surveillance. For more parking information call (01) 296 5505. For general information call +36-1 296-9696, while +361 296-5449 is the number to call regarding lost luggage.

We have secured deals with the car rental companies Avis cars, Budget, Europcar rentals, Hertz, National car hire, Alamo and Sixt which all have desks outside of Arrivals levels in both Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B. From terminal 1 you can catch cheap flights with low cost airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet. Terminal 2 is where the Hungarian national carrier, Malev, is located. Terminal 2A and gates 20-30 serve all of the Schengen Area destinations while terminal 2B and gates 11-19 serve all of the Non-Schengen Area destinations. The Schengen allows participating countries to cross borders with a minimum of trouble.

The airport can be reached via route E60 and it is clearly signposted from Budapest. It is also possible to drive from the city centre along the Ferihegy High Speed Road in 20 minutes. The airport code for Budapest Airport is BUD. Car Hire Budapest Airport is the cheapest and safest way to see what the city has to offer. Especially as public transport in the city is not reliable, buses are not always clean and ticket prices seem to be continually increasing. You should however time your journeys to avoid the notorious traffic jams of Budapest.

Rhino Car Hire Budapest offers low cost vehicles in Budapest. There is even an unlimited mileage offer so you can explore as much of this vast city as possible with car hire Budapest. We also have a locations for Car Hire at the Budapest Airport.

Robert Fische has been commissioned to do this article for Rhino Car Hire. The piece aims to give travel tips for tourists who arrive at Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, rent a cheap car and carry on to the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Having lived in Budapest Robert has come up with some expert advice.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Robert_Frische/367315



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