Filled with colorful homes, canals and bridges, Amsterdam is considered one of the most picturesque cities in Europe.  Among the many must-visit sightseeing include the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House and the only floating flower market on earth.  Navigate Amsterdam streets by renting bike or just on foot.  Staying in a houseboat could be a more remarkable experience than hotel accommodation.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)_293987699

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS -13 JUNE 2015- The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) is the main airport in The Netherlands and one of the busiest international airports in Europe.  (EQRoy / Shutterstock)

Royal Palace at the Dam Square_385491655

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – 20 FEBRUARY 2016: Royal Palace at the Dam Square.  (Mariia Golovianko / Shutterstock)

Rijksmuseum _199303400

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, 8 6 2014: young girl in pond cooling herself on a hot day behind Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (Anton Havelaar / Shutterstock)

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam museum_124431556

AMSTERDAM – SEPTEMBER 2012: The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam museum area with the words IAMSTERDAM is shown in September 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The museum first opened to the public in 1800.  (Dennis van de Water / Shutterstock)

The Night Watch by Rembrandt_332083043

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS -OCTOBER 21, 2015: Visitors looking at the famous The Night Watch by Rembrandt at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam on October 21,2015.  (charnsitr / Shutterstock)

Old library of Rijksmuseum_393490669

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – MARCH 15, 2016: Old library of Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Library is the largest public art history research place in Holland on March 15, 2016 in Amsterdam – Netherland.  (InnervisionArt / Shutterstock)

Nemo Museum_205967182

Amsterdam, Netherlands – June 30: Nemo Museum as seen from the water canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands, on June 30, 2014.  (Victor Maschek / Shutterstock)

Van Gogh Museum_386910655

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, September 5, 2015: crowd in front of the new wing of the Van Gogh Museum with sunflowers in the foreground ( / Shutterstock)

Madame Tussauds wax museum_390733015

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – MAY 29, 2015: Madame Tussauds wax museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is a major tourist attraction in Amsterdam, displaying waxworks of famous figures.  (InnervisionArt / Shutterstock)

Madame Tussauds wax museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands_372839935

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – MAY 29, 2015: One of the many waxworks at Madame Tussauds wax museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is a major tourist attraction in Amsterdam, displaying waxworks of famous figures.  (InnervisionArt / Shutterstock)

Street fun fair in the center of Amsterdam_341659538

Fair – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – April 5, 2013: Street fun fair in the center of Amsterdam. Food stalls in traditional Dutch wooden cottage style, bikes and passers-by appear in this urban scene.  (lumokajlinioj / Shutterstock)

self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh_341659529

Amsterdam street art – icons. Amsterdam, the Netherlands – April 5, 2013: Parked bicycles in front of a graffiti decorated facade with a self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, icon of the city.  (lumokajlinioj / Shutterstock)

rental bike near Dam Square_209729476

AMSTERDAM-AUG. 19, 2012. Girl on a rental bike near Dam Square. 38% of traffic movement in the city is by bike , 37% by car, 25% by public transport. In the center, 57% of traffic movement by bike.  (TonyV3112 / Shutterstock)

Damrak street_361074584

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – APRIL 27, 2015: Typical Dutch souvenirs are sold in the city’s Damrak street during King’s Day, Dutch annual national holiday. Instagram-like filter is applied. (Gertan / Shutterstock)


Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 26, 2014: celebration of the public national holiday King’s day – Koningsdag – held every year in April in the entire country to celebrate King Willem’s birthday  (Cloud Mine Amsterdam / Shutterstock)

Dutch annual national holiday_189892043

AMSTERDAM – APRIL 26: Unidentified city natives ride beer bike through the city streets on King’s Day, Dutch annual national holiday, on April 26, 2014 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  (Gertan / Shutterstock)

Food truck on Dam square_355458368

Amsterdam, Netherlands-december 25, 2015: Food truck on Dam square in Amsterdam (JPstock / Shutterstock)

Anne Frank House Museum_286203359

AMSTERDAM-APRIL 30: Tourists stand in a queue to get to Anne Frank House Museum on April 30,2015.The Anne Frank House Museum is one of Amsterdam’s most popular and important museums opened in 1960.  (lornet / Shutterstock)


ZEEDIJK, AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – MARCH 08, 2014: Unidentified people having fun at the ocean beach in the sunshine day.  (joyfull / Shutterstock)

Kloveniersburgwal canal_305576138

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A view at Kloveniersburgwal canal with buildings and boats. Taken on 2015/08/05  (Marina J / Shutterstock)

red light district of Amsterdam_347688404

Amsterdam, Holland – November 12, 2015: Canal boat with tourists and paintings of Van Gogh sails in a canal in the red light district of Amsterdam on November 12, 2015 in Amsterdam, Holland.  (jan kranendonk / Shutterstock)


Amsterdam, Netherlands – August 3,2014: The famous floating flower market in Amsterdam. The Bloemenmarkt is the world’s only floating flower market and one of the main attractions of Amsterdam.  (kavalenkava volha / Shutterstock)

Amsterdam flower market (Bloemenmarkt)_389655586

AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND – DECEMBER, 30: Amsterdam flower market (Bloemenmarkt). the world’s only floating flower market and one of the main attractions of Amsterdam on 30 december 2012.  (MrDenPol / Shutterstock)

Souvenir shop in Amsterdam_219087001

Amsterdam, Netherlands – July 30,2014: Souvenir shop in Amsterdam. Wooden shoes clogs, windmills and tulips – the most popular souvenirs and traditional symbol of Holland.  (kavalenkava volha / Shutterstock)


AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND – DECEMBER, 30: Trading hall is the oldest store DE BIJENKORF AMSTERDAM, the most important center of shopping in Amsterdam on 30 december 2012.  (MrDenPol / Shutterstock)

Amsterdam Magna Plaza Shopping Center_193279043

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – JULY 17, 2010: Amsterdam Magna Plaza Shopping Center. Magna Plaza, formerly known as Amsterdam Main Post Office, is a monument part of Dutch Top 100 heritage sites.  (mandritoiu / Shutterstock)


AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – JANUARY 15, 2016: Many people skate on winter ice skating rink in front of the Rijksmuseum, a popular touristic destination in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  (InnervisionArt / Shutterstock)

Sunset in Amsterdam_283172087

AMSTERDAM,NETHERLANDS,OCTOBER, 06, 2014: Sunset in Amsterdam.Bicycle parking and traditional old dutch buildings.Flower market on Single canal, Netherlands. Amsterdam is the bicycle capital of Europe (Protasov AN / Shutterstock)

Amsterdam Red Light District_219802588

AMSTERDAM-AUG. 19, 2012. Red Light District at night. It is probably the world’s most famous in its kind. There are over 500 windows in the Amsterdam Red Light District and about 1000 working girls.  (TonyV3112 / Shutterstock)

Amsterdam Red Light District_219802813

AMSTERDAM-AUG. 19, 2012. Red Light District at night. It is probably the world’s most famous in its kind. There are over 500 windows in the Amsterdam Red Light District and about 1000 working girls.  (TonyV3112 / Shutterstock)

DeLaMar theater by night at Leidseplein_319606937

Amsterdam, Netherlands – August 26, 2015: DeLaMar theater by night at Leidseplein area in Amsterdam, Netherlands  (Kjell Leknes / Shutterstock)

de Bijenkorf shopping mall on Dam square_349704437

Amsterdam,Netherlands December 05, 2015 : Night Christmas lighting of de Bijenkorf shopping mall on Dam square in Amsterdam.  (Boris-B / Shutterstock)

Useful Reference

Things to Do in Amsterdam
By Jimmy Adams Jon

The largest and an outstanding city in Netherlands, Amsterdam is one of the best places to have a frolic vacation. The wonderful beaches, exclusive shopping markets, historical monuments, clubs and casinos are the main attractions in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is rapidly increasing its tourists’ strength every year. Amsterdam has where many exciting and thrilling things to do, starting from seeing the historical architecture to an elegant nightlife.

Amsterdam’s great historical aspect is reflected through the famous and finely constructed monuments and churches. The most popular one being the Von Gogh Museum built in Amsterdam Square and has a great treasure of fine paintings of Vincent Van. Anne Frank House is the next architecture which is worth knowing about, it consists of all the old documents and sculptures of the long back past. Millions of visitors arrive every year to see these great architectural attributes. Amsterdam boat cruises provide rides through the Amsterdam canals where you can see the picturesque Amsterdam. Amsterdam has very beautiful beaches to enjoy and have fun. This is also a major aspect of Amsterdam. Noordwijk, Strand West, Amsterdam Plage beaches are the most famous beaches offering every fun of life. You can swim, bath, play, dance and take a sunbath on the beach. They offer high class wines, delicious food items etc.

Many kinds of cultural events are also organized and conducted for the tourists to know about the cultural events that use to be held in the past. On the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties are thrown and people enjoy to their fullest. They drink, dance, sing and have an awesome time. Amsterdam is famous for the New Year and Christmas Celebrations.

Amsterdam has a natural flora and fauna comprising of beautiful plants in Vondelpark and the great animals in the Artis zoo like the zebras, lions, tigers, and chimpanzee etc. The kids are really crazy about watching the animals. Shopping markets Dam Square and Magna Plaza offers a good collection of clothes, accessories, eating items, etc.

Enjoying the nightlife in Amsterdam is the next important thing to do in Amsterdam. There are various clubs, casinos and bars where you can have all the charms of the nightlife. Expensive wines, rocking music and dance are the features of an exciting nightlife in Amsterdam. Reading the things to do in Amsterdam will probably make you plan your next vacation to the wonderful capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam.

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