Planning a flight to Berlin?  There are 5 top favorite tourist destinations in Berlin worth checking out, mostly of historical significance.  Stay with us and discover the fascinations of Berlin in this travel guide.

German Historical Museum
Traveller photo by tarzanldy: “Original wing” (Dec 2005)

German Historical Museum

Museums in Germany tend to be rather spacious, and this one in Berlin is no exception.  History-lovers are very likely to fall in love with the comprehensive exhibitions offered, which reveal fines details of German history.  While history tends to feel boring to some people, the exhibitions make the experience fruitful with varied collections.  Rest assured that English is used in explanation!  Visitors could easily spend hours losing track of time.

topography of terror
Traveller photo by amiroi: “the berlin wall at topogrhaphy of terror” (Jul 2011)

Topography of Terror

The name sounds scary, but the historical artifact has lured thousands of visitors to witness the section of downed Berlin wall.  The walk inside is quite informative and it will generally less than one hour and half for a walk-through.  Audio tour is available in German only but written explanation is in both German and English.  Entry is free and the site is well patronized.  Photo stories are spread throughout the tour.

Brandenburg Gate
Traveller photo by nikatknight: “Brandenburg Gate at Night” (Nov 2005)

Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)

The monument is probably the most famous attraction in Berlin.  It’s best viewed at night to enjoy the view.  But don’t forget the historical significance.  Some gift shops are open nearby.  Informative notices are posted around to educate the visitors about the stories in the past.  The traffic is quite convenient and the area is often crowded with visitors.

 The Holocaust Memorial - Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Traveller photo by Me_n_my_rucksack: “Memorial ” (Jun 2012)

The Holocaust Memorial – Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Some attractions are unique not because of the beauty on the surface, but the message behind.  The Holocaust Memorial is one of such places where one must experience himself to understand the feeling.  It is helpful to visit with tour guide in order to learn more about the history of perished Jews.

Tiergarten Park
Traveller photo by nyctraveler83: “Tiergarten Park” (Jul 2009)


If you want a break after visiting dark and moody historical remains, Tiergarten will be a great place to relax and recover your spirit.  The park is beautiful and it’s safe to walk around at any time of the year.  The traffic is convenient being adjacent to town centers.  There are beautiful lakes around, promoting a real sense of seclusion and privacy.  Museums, restaurants and some monuments can be found too.




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