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Ise City, Exploring the Sacred Shrines in Japan

Located on the Shima Peninsula in Mie Prefecture, Ise City has some of the most sacred Shinto Shrines in Japan, notably the Ise Shrines...

Miyajima , Island of Romance and Historical Monuments in Japan

Miyaijima is the popular name for the Itukushima island, which is located in northwest of Hiroshima Bay.  The island is part of the west...

Kyoto, Embracing the Eastern Romance in Japan

Throughout the year, it is easy to experience the scent of romance when you go through the streets in Kyoto.  You will naturally build...

Tokyo, Where Tradition Meets Pop Culture in Japan

There are few places like Tokyo in Japan where you can wander around ancient temples before you suddenly find yourself in a karaoke bar. ...

Akihabara, the Ever-Young District in Japan

Do you like Japanese anime and figurines?  Then you won't want to miss the visit to Akihabara when traveling to Japan.  The shopping district...

Akihabara, the paradise for anime lovers

Are you enthusiastic about anime and video games?  Then you won't want to miss out the journey to Akihabara. In fact, action figures can be...
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