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Gamova peninsula, the Rural View of Russia

Poluostrov Gamova is a peninsula within Primorsky Krai and is nearby to Vityaz’, Mys Azar’vera and Mys Ostryy.  Poluostrov Gamova has an elevation of...

Crimea, An Unusual Travel Choice for Tourists

Crimea is recovering from the political crisis and the tourism is growing strong.  In July 2016, local authorities estimate that 7 million visitors will...

Moscow, the City of Contrasts in Russia

Being the business, scientific and historical center of Russia, Moscow demonstrates the contrasts of the country in drastic extremes.  With a population of 10...

St. Petersburg, the Cultural Hub in Russia

As the second biggest city in Russia, St. Petersburg is the home of many magnificent architectures including the Kazan Cathedral and the Winter Palace. ...
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